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Network ZIM Hybrid storage technologies XS

The network aims to minimize the future use of battery storage and instead to achieve unprecedented new characteristics for the overall system by combining and integrating several forms of energy storage and their different operating points and properties. The goal of the project is to achieve a full supply concept in a smart grid with 85% security over the entire energy demand and to offer a real sector balancing. This is currently not feasible with pure electricity storage systems. We therefore want to combine the topics of energy storage, energy efficiency and sustainable energy supply for mobile and stationary applications.

The unifying element of the network is HCNG technology, which will enable us to reach marketable costs more quickly than with pure hydrogen applications.

The network members consider such hybrid storage systems an essential part of future energy system and are demonstrating a way to make the transformation process economically marketable.

Cooperation with Polish partners in the ZIM-International project is a good opportunity for the participating companies and scientific institutions with a focus on East Brandenburg to expand the disadvantaged border region as an economic area and to use cross-border competencies.