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Project 05

The product is designed for inland waterway vessels, initially in passenger traffic, which typically travel 1 to 6 hours on rivers and lakes in the tourist sector. The required battery system and drivetrain will be designed for short duration load changes. The range extender determines the range and is optimized with respect to possible operating conditions.

By using HCNG technology, a significantly improved environmental performance is achieved compared to comparable diesel hybrid systems, as well as longer ranges and lower costs compared to purely electrically powered vessels.

The propulsion kits to be developed can be used both in new vessels as well as for retrofitting or converting ships.



Mobility on water is subject to the same laws and requirements as mobility on land. More and more often, there are requirements and regulations for CO2 avoidance and noise reduction, especially when shipping routes pass through or border on landscape conservation areas, nature reserves or FFH areas. In order to be able to meet the mobility needs of people on rivers and lakes in the medium term, new sustainable propulsion concepts are required that meet the increased environmental protection standards. It also seems important that these concepts must be able to compete with current reference costs in the foreseeable future.


Innovation content

Electric ships in the 150 to 350 kW power class are still not state of the art today.

By equipping ships with electric propulsion and using HCNG technology as a range extender, CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. In addition, the energy efficiency of the ships must be improved. Thus, route planning and energy management must be closely interlinked. In addition to the technical challenges in implementing the propulsion concept, it will be vital to optimize economic business models. The structural dimensioning and design of the systems play an important role here. The basis for this is a detailed analysis of routes.


Network partners:

TIF GmbH, EXCELLO Batteriekraftwerke GmbH, Convia GmbH, (n.n. – Binnenwerft)


Associated partners:

Wankel Supertec GmbH;