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Project 02

The project aims to develop a gas mixing unit that mixes hydrogen with natural gas in a controlled proportion of 10 to 50%. Technical solutions for a fixed connection are aimed at as well as flexible tank solutions for mobile applications which possess appropriate measurement and control technology as well as safety devices.

The plant is an important building block for reconversion or energy conversion in Power to X cycles for seasonal storage.

The resulting HCNG gas can thus be made available in defined mixing ratios to the BTTP units designed for this purpose, to micro gas turbines and special burners.



It can be assumed that it will not be possible to produce enough green hydrogen for many years yet, since corresponding plant capacities are not yet available and profitable energy surpluses have so far only been available for short periods. In order to guarantee the security of supply specifically for full thermal supply in buildings and still build up hydrogen storage circuits, it is necessary to mix hydrogen with natural gas. This changes the calorific value and is therefore only possible to a very limited extent in the gas grid. In a smart grid, on the other hand, where only heat and electricity are produced, a much higher admixture and thus a higher degree of hydrogen use is possible, especially if one has one's own facilities for generating renewable energy.


Innovation content

The development task is to design the storage tanks, the mixing device, the necessary control system, and the safety devices.

The mixer must have automatic control of the H2 content based on available H2 reserves and/or predefined parameters with a prognosis module, as well as an emergency H2 supply program via conventional H2 cylinders.

In operation as a filling station, the mixer must represent a recording of quantities and qualities.


Network partners:

Seifert-Haustechnik GmbH; Eckhardt Feuerungs- und Heizungsservice


Associated partners:

Brandenburgisch Technische Universit├Ąt Cottbus